In 2023 we developed our LEDWIN COLOUR PRO, which is a connectable RGBW system, controlled via app. 80,000 leds can work on just one controller and one plug! It is safe low voltage 24V and in thick rubber cable with IP67 leds.

As opposed to expensive and vulnerable DMX systems, one controller can connect upto 80.000 leds! So you can light up buildings with curtains, icicles or light strings without the usual limitations.

This is a revolution: There is no need for countless controllers that must communicate with each other to synchronize like in DMX products (with many flaws)

You can change colors, add flashes in slow and high speeds via an easy app. Of course it is made with a memory function.

The range consists of light strings, icicles, curtains. They are ideal for large buildings, trees, light tunnels and motives.

Our LEDWIN COLOUR PRO system works on a patented method with exclusive patented leds. Of course they are included in our winglinks GOLD IP67 system. You can use the usual accessories from our low voltage Winglinks Gold system. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

In 2023 the system had its premiere at 2 major garden centres in The Netherlands. Both Intratuin Rhoon and Intratuin Zevenhuizen